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 Globalno obvestilo   Tema: The additional penalty

 Naslov prispevka: The additional penalty
Objavljeno: 29 Apr 2020, 20:41 

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Dear players,
we have canceled the additional penalty for missions between Kingdom and Dungeon.
The main penalty +25% for all underground missions remains the same.

 Globalno obvestilo   Tema: Massive update 31/03/2020

 Naslov prispevka: Massive update 31/03/2020
Objavljeno: 31 Mar 2020, 18:56 

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Ogledi: 34

The following functionality has been added: 1) Dungeon. The world of My Lands has become two-tier. New types of estates (Barracks, Tombs with Recipes) are located under the ground 2) The new tournament "Treasure Hunt". Players must find fragments of the treasure map under the ground. Havin...

 Globalno obvestilo   Tema: Runic words

 Naslov prispevka: Runic words
Objavljeno: 26 Dec 2019, 12:36 

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Ogledi: 68

Dear players,
We are pleased to announce that we have added runic words consisting of 5 runes.

 Globalno obvestilo   Tema: Seasonal update

 Naslov prispevka: Seasonal update
Objavljeno: 02 Okt 2019, 15:34 

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Ogledi: 2598

Dear players! This fall, we plan to release a large-scale update of the game and add the following functionality: 1) Dungeons. The world of My Lands will become two-tier. New types of buildings will be located underground. 2) New tournament "Treasure Hunt". Players will search for fragment...

 Globalno obvestilo   Tema: Changes and additions - upgrade from 03.09.2019

Objavljeno: 03 Sep 2019, 15:16 

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Ogledi: 3379

We made the following changes to the gameplay:
1) Only Suzerains can now donate resources to Clan Castles;
2) We added a new global service - Decrease of the salary of the whole army;
3) The battle reports now show the changes in the Faction Loyalty rating.
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