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GkhanTalu & turkiye
Since mankind has existed, there have been many wars in historical records, but some of them have great precaution and influence. The war is only one of them. January 9, 2018 in turkey and had gkhantal next turkiyenin ally in this battle between the monsters.

There are many reasons for this. First, the precious black pearl is seen. In addition, the awards to be given afterwards are striking.
In addition to these four sides surrounded by enemies and gkhantal turkey is done this expedition has a strategic importance for the solution of many problems.

In addition to these, details of the Battle are also interesting. orders are given to the Commanders, Beyleri, to be prepared as soon as possible on the ruin expedition. Besides turkey time out with a powerful army of about 800000 people.

The allied army that sets its target primarily exceeds the rivers in front. So that the bridges built to cross these rivers are destroyed after the river passes. In fact, this situation is not considering the return of turkey and gkhantal and this war only reveals he wants to leave victorious. After the river was overtaken, the land of the monsters' army was near. To describe it, this plain is a difficult place, with swamps on one side and mountains on the other.

Ultimately, turkey and monster army encounters in ruins. The battle begins when the monsters army is attacked. During the war, the allied troops in the center were faced with arrows shot by monster troops as they were pulled into the wings. In addition, the swords and monsters that come with the swords are destroyed. In the meantime, some of the monsters can not find another place to flee and sink into the marshland. Yani, 7 level ruins in just two hours The battle ended with the absolute victory of the allied armies. After a few minutes, their allied armies, separated by war wins, move towards their kingdom.

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